Welcome to our website, we are glad you came. Please spend some time looking around our online store. From our delicious one of a kind cakes, to our unique hatboxes, we are sure you will enjoy everything we have to offer!

9.1.2006 \\ Elegance in Kentucky is pleased to announce the addition of beautiful hand painted furniture by a local artist.

9.12.2006 \\ We will be carrying a Delectable Thanksgiving Pumpkin Center Piece Cake (Pumpkin Spice) that will add that special touch to any Holiday Table. It serves up approximately 32 slices.

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2006 Derby Winner, Hand painted hat box
Price $90.00
Hand Sculpted Horse Hat Box
Price $100.00

Unique Silk Florals

Our florals are one of a kind made by hand pieces. Since no two are exactly alike when one sells it is removed and replaced by another floral. When a floral is unavailable it will say "sold" and will be replaced shortly. Check back often to see the latest handmade florals available for purchase, and if you see one you love make sure you buy it before someone else does!

Floral 3 (Peacock Feathers) 26"x28"x20"
Floral 4 (Monkey Floral) 16"x13"x12"
Floral 1 (Copper Container) 31"x17"x17"
Floral 2 (Copper Tea Pot) 33"x21"x21"
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Unique Silk Florals

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